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【~2/25(月)23:59まで最大P19倍】DALI MENUET/MH(ウォールナット・2本1組) スピーカー ダリ メヌエット, トモズショップ 4ce63960

【~2/25(月)23:59まで最大P19倍】DALI MENUET/MH(ウォールナット・2本1組) スピーカー ダリ メヌエット, トモズショップ:4ce63960 --- tokyo-islands.jp

【~2/25(月)23:59まで最大P19倍】DALI MENUET/MH(ウォールナット・2本1組) スピーカー ダリ メヌエット, トモズショップ:4ce63960 --- tokyo-islands.jp

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【~2/25(月)23:59まで最大P19倍】DALI MENUET/MH(ウォールナット・2本1組) スピーカー ダリ メヌエット, トモズショップ:4ce63960 --- tokyo-islands.jp

【~2/25(月)23:59まで最大P19倍】DALI MENUET/MH(ウォールナット・2本1組) スピーカー ダリ メヌエット
【~2/25(月)23:59まで最大P19倍】DALI MENUET/MH(ウォールナット・2本1組) スピーカー ダリ メヌエット

【~2/25(月)23:59まで最大P19倍】DALI MENUET/MH(ウォールナット・2本1組) スピーカー ダリ メヌエット, トモズショップ:4ce63960 --- tokyo-islands.jp

The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety, or IAHSS for short, is the only organization solely dedicated to professionals involved in managing and directing security and safety programs in healthcare institutions. IAHSS is comprised of security, law enforcement and safety individuals dedicated to the protection of healthcare facilities worldwide. IAHSS strives to combine public safety officer training with staff training, policies and technology to achieve the most secure hospital environments possible. Additionally, the IAHSS partners with government agencies and other organizations representing risk managers, emergency managers, engineers, architects, nurses, doctors and other healthcare stakeholders to further patient security and safety.

Its members have joined together to develop educational and credentialing programs and create a body of knowledge that meets the needs of today’s fast paced and ever changing environment. Whether your institutions is a multi campus facility, a small local hospital or an extended care facility, IAHSS offers you an opportunity to interact with others who share your concerns and have developed innovative responses.

All about IAHSS

Associations have a rich history of meeting the needs of members. By combining the talents and skills of a diverse membership innovative approaches to complex problems can often be achieved where an individual might feel at a complete loss. IAHSS is in a unique position to help you meet your personal and professional goals in a supportive and stimulating environment.

A small group of seasoned professionals are elected to serve as the association’s board of directors. Working with volunteer committees, the organizational structure is small enough and agile enough to respond quickly to member concerns and define the future. Local chapters exist in many areas and there is a regular flow of information between chapters, regional representatives and members to keep ideas fresh and involving.

The Annual General Meeting and Seminar is an ideal place for pollination of ideas from different locales and varied perspectives. Marked by an outstanding educational program, this meeting is a must for both new and seasoned professionals.

A hallmark of IAHSS is its training manuals and study guides that prepare security officers and others to meet the needs of their institutions and sit for one or more certification examinations. Because the IAHSS certification examination process is perceived as an objective measurement of basic competency, many institutions encourage or mandate successful achievement for continued employment and advancement.

Organization history

IAHSS was formed in 1968 by a forward looking group of professionals in healthcare security who needed to address changes in how institutions, their patients and healthcare providers could better promote care in a safe environment. From this initial cadre came ethical standards and educational programs that extend beyond the boundaries of any one nation. The names of some of these visionaries can be found in the names of prestigious awards promoting excellence in healthcare security and safety.

Our members

Our members encompass professionals in many different capacities. While job titles may vary, the work is fundamentally the same. They are involved in large urban medical centers, military facilities and small hospitals as well as companies providing products and services for this market.

IAHSS leaders represent the scope of its membership.


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【~2/25(月)23:59まで最大P19倍】DALI MENUET/MH(ウォールナット・2本1組) スピーカー ダリ メヌエット, トモズショップ:4ce63960 --- tokyo-islands.jp

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【~2/25(月)23:59まで最大P19倍】DALI MENUET/MH(ウォールナット・2本1組) スピーカー ダリ メヌエット, トモズショップ:4ce63960 --- tokyo-islands.jp